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Director of the Political Department of the PLA Second Artillery: An individual’s Emotions and Causes must obey the Party’s righteous cause

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Today, the Political Director of the PLA’s Second Artillery Corps, the divsion that controls China’s nuclear and conventional missile arsenal added to a growing chorus of PLA political appointees writing editorials in The People’s Daily reinforcing the notion that the Party knows best for the military and that a soldier(or sailor)’s place is to listen and follow in the Party’s footsteps.  This is on the heels of the PLA Navy’s Political Directors piece yesterday on roughly the same topic.  For that article, link here.  Those looking for solitary between the PLA and Party, as well as those looking for rifts or fractures between the who, will use such statements and pieces to extrapolate their own conclusions.  

For now, here are some notable quotes from Yin Fanglong, Political Director of the PLA’s Second Artillery Corps (殷方龙,二炮政治部主任)

要不断增强自我净化、自我完善、自我革新、自我提高能力,始终坚持党的性质和宗旨…… (quoted from Hu Jintao earlier this year, that the military must continuously strengthen its self-purification, self-improvement, self-innovation and increased self-capability, all of which starts and ends with the goals and characteristics of the Party)

要排除感情的干扰,在遇到讲感情与讲原则难以统一的情况时,坚持个人之间的、上下级之间的小情小义服从党的事业发展需要的大情大义 。(We must eliminate obstructionist emotions. When we run across situations where principles and emotions are hard unify, strive to ensure that an individuals emotions and ideas obey the greater righteous cause of the Party)

遇事首先要想到政治纪律和政治影响,不乱猜测、乱打听,不听、不信、不传小道消息,不对组织决定说三道四、妄加评论。 (in meeting such circumstance, you must first remember (your) political discipline and political influence. Do not recklessly surmise, listen to every rumor; don’t listen, don’t believe it, don’t take whispers and murmurs; do not decide to make irresponsible remarks, commentary or retell absurd stories to your teams and groups)